A Robin Hood Tale

RHOCaR - Yorkshire Area News.  

Stoneleigh 2005.

Some snaps of the weekend.

On the way following Barry and Mark

Round the campfire

Very nice and very quick. OOOOOHHHH

Barry and I up slip road off M1 to meet Mark

Mark's car (Very nice)- Mine in background

Barry's new V8. Very very nice. (Yellow is growing on me!!)

Club stand on the Saturday I think

Lambo replica - but dont touch!!

Another lambo replica. How do you keep that clean???


Sir Chris Brown tinkering with a Cobra.

Mr organised eating breakfast before most people have got up!!

Me. Caught out late at night,. yes I am standing next to a tree and
yes I am doing what you think I'm doing

Battery Bill and Barry in the gazebo - Looking surprisingly sober !!

Kevin has moved into the corner for some serious drinking!