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Area Meetings - 07 September 2005 at 00:20

I have to say Iím quite staggered at the attendance we are achieving at the monthly meetings. In August I think we had 14 turn up and that was on a night when it quite literally belted it down.


Barry had invited a friend of his, who came along in a lovely Porsche replica. We also had a chap, (apologies Iíve forgotten his name) who came along with no wet weather gear at all. He parked under a tree as it wasnít raining when he arrived, but had to leave as the monsoon commenced.


A big thanks goes to Steve (AKA Grizzly) for his invitation to pop along to his for a tyre kicking session during the Harrogate weekend. I apologise for not sending the invite out but was away on holiday until the day of the meeting. Anyway we got quite a few coming along and Steve cranked the BBQ up for some sustenance. 


For September we have agreed to go for a run out to the Anchor at Gargrave. This will be an informal half hour trip out, a quick drink and back to the Heifer. Iíll try and remember to bring my camera.


September also sees a trip to Donnington for the Renault sport weekend. Iím writing this on the Tues. before, having only managed to source a much needed void bush for my rear suspension today, so looking forward to that.


My car comes off the road at the end of September for some much needed attention. Primarily the clutch is on its last legs, but I will take the opportunity of getting the gearbox reconditioned and swapping the prop from one of those rubber doughnut catastrophes.


Meetings will continue throughout the winter though so look forward to seeing everyone and anyone. I even promise to try and sort ďevent(s)Ē out for next year.

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