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2006 - 20 February 2006 at 15:19

Well Christmas has come and gone and spring is around the corner. It still seems like ages away though. Monthly meetings have continued to be well attended during the winter months and always with a core band of 4 or 5 even though there have been no hoods in attendance. Barry did promise to bring his, but I talked him out of it the last twice due to it being his birthday in Dec and we had a drink in Jan. 


Anyway it has been really great to see some faces from those that are between us and the North West area and Sheenyís tales of his Mossís re-body saga have kept us entertained. Peter has finally managed to SVA his Super Spec, although at the last meeting about THREE weeks after SVA he still hadnít been out in it. I think Iíd have needed a new set of tyres by now.


Personally I have been during some winter work. My old S7 came off the road in October as the clutch was obviously about to disintegrate. Whilst the engine was out I have taken the opportunity of doing some work. First was the gearbox. It whined a bit in top and occasionally jumped out of 3rd so off to a re-conditioner. At some point someone has fitted a drain plug. Very handy as itís not standard on a type 9, unfortunately a consequence of drilling the casing was to smash the magnet that was inside resulting in mangled bits of magnet floating around the box. Iím told this is not healthy for a gearbox. Anyway all sorted now. Then a new prop shaft was made to replace the one that retained a Sierra rubber doughnut thingy. I didnít fancy it shearing when itís right next to my leg. A new shiny black one was made by an excellent firm in Bradford with re-greasable UJís and to the same length as the old one. £115.00 plus vat, which I though was good value.  I replaced some gaskets on the engine, and then I decided Iíll drop the sump whilst itís on an engine stand. Then I decided to change the main and big-end bearings. I managed to fit with them with the crank in place so I didnít mess with the cam timing (the cam is the bottom on my V6 driven by a gear). Well itís all back together now and Iíll soon be ready to drop it all back in and start connecting it back up. A lick of paint on the engine,  and I aim to have it back on the road for March as Iím due to head off to Wales in it for a trip then.


Back to the meetings, we discussed a different venue in the summer. Not permanently but a trip probably over to Leeds for one month. Might be May or June. Iím banking on one of the members from Leeds sorting out a decent venue. I will try and email everyone and post details on my website. a bit nearer the time.


Itís a shame that Stafford is cancelled as I enjoyed the early run out last year. I should definitely be attending some of the shows this year. At the least I would envisage Newark and Stoneleigh. Barry and I normally travel down in convoy so if anyone wants to tag along please get in touch. The more the merrier.


Anyway thatís enough of me rambling. Hope everyone managed to sort out those winter jobs, hope builds are progressing well (Will we see Grizzlyís 2b this year??) and happy belated New Year to all. Bring on the springÖÖ.

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