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Welcome to Compusand

Who is Compusand? 
We are a small company specialising in supporting other small companies and individuals, mainly in the West Yorkshire area.

What can Compusand do for you? 
We can help you with anything from basic typing assistance to a full web presence and anything in between.

Why would I need to speak to Compusand?
Too much work, but not enough to employ permanent staff. A requirement to take away some of the time consuming administration tasks, to enable you to concentrate on your core business activities. Some specialist knowledge in setting up e-mail,Swiss Replica Watches Web and domain names.

Ever wanted to just call someone who can prepare quotes and invoices, or provide a professional polish on some of your documents. If so click Contact  

Ever wanted to be represented on the Web, but never got round to it. It can be surprisingly cheap to manage an internet presence. If so click Contact  

We are not a faceless corporation, just a small business offering realistically priced services to take the pressure off you for a while. 

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