A Robin Hood Tale


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Some photos I took between October 2005 and Jan 2006, when engine was removed, Gearbox re-conditioned, new clutch fitted, new prop made and fitted, new gaskets on engine and new big end and main bearings fitted. Engine had a spruce up at the same time.

Engine Bay with a lick of primer

More Primer

And more

Engine on stand in garage

Another shot of engine on stand

Messy bench with some painted shiny bits (Servo, Alternator, Starter)

Engine bay with some gloss black enamel

Engine on stand

Sump Removed

1st coat of engine lacquer

Shiny sump and rocketr covers

Ready for Bearings change

Big End Bearing Journal - Nice and shiny

Another shot - Note all Big Ends and Main bearings replaced

Sump back on

All painted up

New clutch fitted